Trouble in Tinseltown! Now with stories!

We have a writing prompt for you!

Check out these photos and tell us what you think has happened! 

Here are some of the great stories so far:

The Christmas Eve Mishap by Roxanne Trudeau

Have you ever heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? Well in this case it was Santa!
It all started on Christmas Eve while Santa was making his usual Christmas Eve run. During one of his
regular stops, poor Rudolf became restless and began to fidget. The fidgeting slowly loosened his reins
and because of his curious nature, decided to find out what really went on while Santa was down the
Rudolf decided he could no longer wait and followed Santa. He jumped into the chimney and while he
fell he banged his head on the grate in the fireplace. He was so startled that it caused him to become
confused and disorientated. He began to fly uncontrollably all around the house knocking over the tree
and making a mess. Poor Santa got in the way of the erratic flight causing the presents to fly and
unfortunately getting fatally injured.
The elves heard all the commotion but by the time that they got down the chimney it was too late to
save poor Santa. All they could do was to calm poor Rudolf down enough to get him back up the
chimney before anyone could find him leaving behind quite a mess.

From Darby MacNeil

Chris was scared the grinch would come steal all the books after hours so he installed a new security system it wasn’t supposed to be that powerful

From Alexandria Meck-Campbell

It was a chilly, ominous evening in the small town of Tumbler Ridge. The air was still, and the townspeople were quiet. Too quiet.
Just then small, delicate snowflakes began to fall, and everything was about to change. There was a jingle and a jangle, and with a ‘✨poof✨!’ out of nowhere, in a cloud of white, appeared the little person. He was dressed in warm, furry clothes. His hat was pointed like his ears, and he smelled of sugar cookies and evergreen.
He brushed his jacket and pants off from his magical landing, and grumbled to himself. He had no idea where he was. There was a mess, it was Cold, and he was certainly lost. Of course, the reindeers and every other elf always forgot about him. He sighed, glancing around skeptically.
Books. Lots and lots of books. It must be a human library. Delightful. He decided to wait for Santa to notice his absence from his accidental travel, and then he went to take a seat on the sweet little stools near the children’s area. He grabbed a Christmas book, and sat with his little legs crossed. The little elf fell asleep, just as the kind lady worker with glasses arrived for her shift of the day. She was distraught at the mess, and even more so at the odd little man asleep in the children’s section . She gasped, and just as he awoke, he felt the magic of the north pole searching for him. He stood, and he smiled at the girl.
“Merry Christmas season, dear. Be kind, be happy, and above all else be good, not naughty!” He giggled, and with another ‘✨poof✨!’ he was gone in a cloud of smoke.
The woman smiled, taken aback with shock. But she felt calm, and happy. A merry christmas season indeed.
From Liam And Air Waters
A deer was walking through the forest, and knocked over a tree. It scared the deer, and he ran into the road. A guy riding a motorcycle hit the deer. The ambulance is coming. The motorcyclist was going to make clams for supper, and the bag if seafood broke open and clams flew everywhere when he hit the deer.
From Tina Houlston
Elf on the shelf did it!
From Bernadette Groves
♪ ♫ Santa Got Run over by a Reindeer♪♫
From Desiree Thiessen
That’s what happens when you stay up all night trying to see Santa. That kid was never seen again lol
From Frances Hovan
Daddy caught mommy kissing Santa Claus 😳
From Maxine VanBrabant
Elf on the shelf and the gingerbread man couldn’t agree in how to decorate the library. The sneaky little Elf got the better of the gingerbread man.
From Laina Gault
A murder scene caused by an elf who was riding a motorcycle and hit a person on a moose, then the moose hit the tree and it got knocked over. Then the elf tried to act innocent and deliver presents then the ambulance came and the elf ran away.
From Crystal Osbourne
Did you know that each town has its own community Elf? Our towns elf is Tinsel and he loves to make his rounds. He watches town hall conduct business, attends town meetings, watches families visit the information centre, and all areas of the community centre. Tinsel loves seeing families have fun at the pool and especially loves overseeing the kids programs at the library. After each Lapsit, Lego Club, Crafternoons, and other events, Tinsel reports back to the North Pole with updates. He remembers every child that was there and lets Santa know how they behaved.
Something that not many people know is that the community elf helps the elf’s on the shelves keep an eye on the children in our community. Especially the children who don’t have elf’s in their home. So he’s quite busy.
Tinsel is quite good at his job and this has made Tinsel’s town the talk of the North Pole. His town had more good children and Christmas sprit than anywhere else in the world. This is why the North Pole gave Tinsel’s town the nick name of Tinseltown.
Unfortunately, for as much good and cheer as there is in our community and at the North Pole, not everything was mistletoe and holly. Someone didn’t like all the extra attention that Tinseltown was getting. Our community spirit brought in visitors from all over. Between this and the recognition Tinsel was getting, someone wanted to cancel Tinseltown’s Christmas.
Then IT happened! Someone took Christmas from Tinseltown. The town Christmas Tree went missing and not a decoration to be seen. The garland and wreaths all gone. What they had done was so mean. Not a clue left behind, accept for one scene. So they put up yellow tape, as if it were quarantined.
Our elf had gone missing. He was no where to be found, accept for his foot prints that were left all around. A doll on the floor, with red paint on its head. A toy reindeer as well, who looked rather well fed. A chair with some tinsel, a plant to explore. All the clues were laid out, right beside the library’s front door.
The authorities searched but nothing could be found. Once the head elf found out, a rescue team was inbound. When they arrived, they searched high and low. Then Tommy stepped forward, followed by a story he told. “That snowman is mine, and that gift right there is to. There’s some stuff in my yard and I noticed an elf shoved into a shoe. I thought he was mine but now I’m not sure. You see My elf is new and a bit immature. He’s still on probation and not very wise. He’s naught, not nice, and I think that he lies. He thinks that it’s funny but really it’s wrong. He jealous of Tinsel and wanted him gone.”
The puzzle was solved, a mystery no more. They found Tommy’s elf, sat by the front door. The tree in his yard, the wreaths on the ground, the garland hid away and almost not found. Tinsel was saved and Tommy was too, the bad elf was sent back home, with old Saint Nicks crew.
So if you feel naughty, remember this tail. Be nice and not naughty, so good can prevail!
From Sheryl Maddison Crawford
Santa’s elves had a little too much whiskey in their Xmas egg nog …UH OH !
From Maurice Thebeau
Chris had cabbage rolls for lunch. It was like a tornado came through
From Chris Norbury
T’was the night before Christmas when all throughout the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Who was that? A man sneaking into the house in search of treasure. While everyone slept the burglar went through the present sunder the tree. First unwrapping the children’s toys. Unhappy he kept opening presents until he found some jewelry. Greedy for more he kept opening presents in search for some loot.
While he was searching, a magical elf saw him spoiling Christmas. Angry with what the elf saw the elf swooped down and bashed the burglar over the head. In that instant.. the elf lost its magic powers and fell to the ground. By committing such an act the elf lost all of its magical powers and was force to run away out the door now on the run. The elf had no time to spare as they knew what happened to bad little elves…….

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