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Guatemala Itchy Feet on Youtube 0

Guatemala Itchy Feet on Youtube

Our local videographer has put a tremendous amount of time into uploading these.  If you missed ‘Guatemala: Tierra de volcanes y los mayas (Land of Volcanoes and The Mayan)’ with Kevin Sharman watch it here now!

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Service Canada Comes to TR

Emily Herring-Cooper will be coming March 15th & 16th to deliver a number of presentations on topics ranging from Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Work Sharing, Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), and everything and anything else you can access on http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/ Check back here for more details!


Mango Languages is Free and Easy!

  Click HERE or on the image to check it out now!  Library card required.  Email address required for registration (to track your progress in the 60+ language courses).  There is also a Youtube Tutorial you can view.  


New Tourism site for Tumbler Ridge

Never been a better time to be a Tourist in your own town!  Browse through the list of activities, explore the calendar of events or find a business in the new directory!  


Reaching EI by Phone

Recently a few library patrons have noticed the phone system for EI is often congested (reaching an agent). When you call 1 800 206-7218 you’ll reach a phone menu “please choose from the following menu options”.  Pressing 0 will direct you to an agent but will often result in the message “At the moment our call...


Watch Itchy Feet Online

Homeridden with the flu.  Living somewhere that isn’t Tumbler? (Our condolences) Watch Dr Helm’s Itchy feet tonight online!   Link to Youtube