Computer & Printing Rules

Library Computer Rules

We have 11 public computers including 2 macs.  We offer professional colour printing at up to 1200dpi and 11×17″ paper (regular sizes too).  Faxing and Scanning services also available.


1)  Give your name to a Library staff member before using a computer.

2)  Patrons are generally limited to one hour of computer use.

This time may be extended at the Library staff’s discretion.

3)  Patrons may reserve a computer in advance for a specific time at the front desk.

Reservations must be made at least a half hour in advance.

These reservations take priority over drop-in use.

4)  Computers will be shut down 5-10 minutes before the library’s closing time.

5)  Patrons must not use the computers to access obscene, illegal, or otherwise offensive materials.

6)  Food and drinks are not allowed near the computers.

7)  When you are finished, please close Internet Explorer, but do not log out.

8)  Computer users playing games may be asked to leave in favour of other patrons.

9)  Library staff reserve the right to ask a patron to quit using a computer at any time, for any reason.10)  Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban from using the Library’s computers.


1)  Printing costs are as follows:

Black and white: $0.25 per page

Colour: $1.00 per page

2)  Please only click print once.  If the printer does not respond, please ask a Library staff member for assistance.  Do not click print a second time.

3)  If you are unsure about what will print, please ask a Library staff member for assistance.

4)  Library patrons are responsible for everything they print (even things printed accidentally), and will be charged accordingly.